Octochannel was founded out of our previous experiences with operating several businesses. We knew the importance of a well executed marketing strategy with respect to the growth of our business, however as entrepreneurs we simply didn't have the time. The current solutions did not answer to our needs. We were looking for a tool that could give us four things:

  1. Guidance on what content can boost the marketing of your company.
  2. A clear overview of all the marketing activities you have currently planned.
  3. An easy to use dashboard focused on minimising the time to publish, saving you heaps of time for other more creative tasks!
  4. A massive list of possible integrations, marketing is so much more than the usual suspects (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin)!

As entrepreneurs you always care about your peers, which is why we wanted Octochannel to be accessible to everyone, by keeping our pricing low and only limited to your needs. Our mission is to open up the marketing landscape and offer every business a way to reach their audience in the best way possible. If you have other questions or you want to join our team, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

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